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The Intelligence of Wisdom Teeth

Posted on May 16, 2013 at 1:30 AM

There seems to be a mindset in conventional dentistry that wisdom teeth are superfluous. That they should be extracted at a young age before they can cause a problem.  These teeth are believed to have the potential to create anterior tooth crowding and infections in the mouth.  They are difficult to keep clean since they are way back in the far corners of your mouth, and you should get them out NOW, before the troubles start.


This mentality is definitely not what I would call holistic thinking.  It is analogous to a dentist placing fillings in the grooves of non-carious teeth, only because they have a high potential to develop a cavity. Sounds farfetched, but I have seen this done in one office I worked in many years ago.

Rational thinking would show that all of your teeth are important, wisdom included.  According to Chinese medicine, all teeth run through meridians in your body, affecting other organs and body parts.


Wisdom teeth, specifically, are connected to the heart and intestine meridians. Is it no wonder that chronic illness in both of these organs are on the rise? Of course there may be other contributing factors to these chronic health issues, such as diet, but wisdom teeth extractions, as well as the residual cavitations at the extraction site, may also be contributing to these systemic health conditions.  It is also not uncommon to have some ear issues (hearing problems, vertigo) or even nerve damage (paraesthesia) after wisdom tooth extraction.

Even though your orthodontist may have advised removing these teeth, or your regular dentist said that they were coming in sideways and should be removed to prevent future problems, I would still get a second opinion. I have seen these teeth often upright over time even when they were way out of alignment.

I have also placed fillings in wisdom teeth with cavities that other dentists ignored since the premise is why bother filling a tooth that should be extracted anyway. Let’s just wait until the cavity gets big enough to create a toothache and then we can just extract it. Sounds absurd but this mindset is fairly common in the dental community.

Of course there are many times when wisdom teeth should be extracted for the betterment of the oral condition.  But routinely removing them just because of your age, presence of small decay, or coming in crooked, is not a valid reason. At least not until an attempt is made to remedy the situation.

The bottom line to all this: get a second opinion before you go and remove these “useless” wisdom teeth.   The rest of your body will thank you for it.  Just for the record, I still have all my wisdom teeth, even though it was highly suggested that I have them extracted.   From my own experience, I have found that it is always best to keep all of your body parts, teeth included.

Does Dr. Brand’s philosophy resonate?

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Categories: Enlightened Dentistry, Healing

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Reply Site SubscriberSolodad Maria
7:52 AM on May 17, 2013 
Interesting article around the wisdom of our own selves and lives choices......
My wisdom teeth are loose at present through a full body and planetary alignment that I have been processing deeply this past year................Dentists want to remove and replace with dentures , I am holding on to them until my alignment brings a holistic dentist that can align my energies without misrepresentation of who I am..............mmmmmm..............!
Blessings and love.....
Reply Dr. Brand
9:35 PM on May 18, 2013 
That is a great point you bring up Maria. The energy of our environment can definitely affect the health of our teeth. And there have been many planetary alignments and solar flares this past year that are affecting everyone's health, physically and emotionally. Thanks for reminding us.
Reply smiline2013
5:47 AM on August 9, 2013 
Best Dentist in Hyderabad
Thanks for providing such informative blog, you have nice post here. I will be back soon. continue this hard work, people will be appreciate you like me.
Reply Dr. Brand
3:21 PM on August 10, 2013 
Thanks smiline 2013. I always do my best. :)
Reply adam gokmen
1:32 AM on January 21, 2014 
hello, i like all your words about holistic dentistry, and have a question for u please, i just went to the dentist (holistic) and i have an infection were my bottom right wisdom tooth should be, the dentist done an x ray and the wisdom tooth is just coming up and very slightly pushing the next tooth, she said in the future u might have to get it removed, i dont really want to, and gave me some natural mouth wash to kill any bad bacteria and infection is, my lymph glads have swollen up under my chin on the left side only, and down further my right side near my collar bone,they said this is due to the infection in the mouth from the wisdom tooth, now im taking the mouth wash (oral wound cleanser/oral debriding agent) this should kill the infection in the mouth but when will my glands go down to normal size? or do i have to get the widsom tooth removed for the glands to go back to normal? the infection feels like its going every day i use the mouthwash, ive only used the mouthwash for 2 days now and have had the swollen glands and mouth infection for 10 days now. whats the best thing to do to get my glands back to normal,( they are not that bad swollen)
thanks adam
Reply Dr. Brand
11:08 PM on January 21, 2014 
Hi Adam.
Ten days is a long time to have an infection. Sounds like you need an antibiotic to get the infection under control. I suggest seeing another dentist for a second opinion. If an infection is lasting that long , another course of action may be necessary.
Reply Victoria
1:43 AM on July 8, 2015 
Hi, thanks so much for spreading the word on this issue! I completely agree with keeping all body parts/what we were born with unless we are being harmed and all other avenues have been explored. Also, I'm wondering, for my own personal knowledge, if you know if wisdom teeth extraction has the potential to change the face? I have been trying to find an answer on this but can't seem to find a conclusive answer. Thanks so much!
Reply Dr. Brand
12:24 PM on July 8, 2015 
Hi Victoria,
That?s a very good question. And the answer is yes. Taking out any tooth can affect the facial contours. However, taking out a tooth way in the back (like the wisdom tooth) will have less effect than taking out a more anterior tooth. Most likely, the change will go unnoticed.
Reply Bart
6:03 AM on September 16, 2015 
Hello all,
I think the article is one sided. What is issues with wisdom teeth can cause problems with the organs connected. for 5 years I have been now living with IBS and issues with my intestines. I have managed to achieve some really good results with good diet, and health supplements, but not completely cured. Through that time I have had frequent inflammations of the gums near my wisdom tooth due to the way it is situated. (it is hard to clean there, and not always possible to spot there are some food residued left until they decay). I had now my wisdom tooth removed and although my body initially is suffering now 3rd day...I hope this might end the issue with gum ifnections in this area. I also think this could have triggered my problems with IBS. If you have issues with your teeth, this might also affect your itnernal organs in a long run.
Reply Damaris
11:34 PM on March 20, 2016 
Thanks for the post. It provides a clear explanation and reason enough for me to keep my teeth
Reply Dr. Brand
4:40 PM on March 21, 2016 
Hi Damaris.
Good idea! Wisdom teeth do come in handy. :)
Reply Dr. Brand
4:47 PM on March 21, 2016 
Hi Bart.
You are right. My post is one sided, based on my own experience. Wisdom teeth can be associated with intestinal issues, but more commonly cardiac health. I hope you are doing better since your extraction. You can learn more about teeth and meridians at this link.
Reply Mary
4:24 PM on July 30, 2016 
Thanks for this- I'm beginning to feel like the surgery is my biggest regret. I did not need it done and had complications and infections afterward. since then I acquired a rare migraine disorder called cyclic vomiting syndrome. It has marred my life and prevented me from living normally in my 20's. After four years I'm only just beginning to research neurological and immunological causes and this seems like too much of a coincidence. Be careful with wisdom tooth surgery!!!
Reply Aurora
11:09 PM on December 9, 2016 
Thank you for this post!

Explains some of the reasons as to why I may have these issues. I was always forced to have my wisdom teeth out, however I still have them all at the age of 32! Yes they can hurt (I was told I have a small jaw) however I put up with it as I do not believe either in removing parts from the body!